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7 Communication No-Nos if You Want to Stay Married

This week we are studying the famous relationship expert, Dr. John M. Gottman.  In his New York Times Bestseller, "the Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work"  he says he can predict if a couple is going to divorce by how they speak to each other. I supposed he wanted to start off his book with these negative communication styles so a person can QUIT doing them ASAP.  

I have made a list with some of his communications styles we should avoid.  This is not all of them.  If you want to know all his ideas I would read his book.  It is insightful.
7 Communication No-Nos if You Want to stay Married.1 - The Harsh Start-Up- Dr. Gottman says if a discussion starts out harshly it is not going to be a successful discussion. "Don't lead off a discussion with criticism, sarcasm, or any form of contempt." 

Dr. Gottman calls the next 4 on this list "the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" because if they are used often in your communication style they will be like a l…