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Treating In-Laws like Family, not Out-Laws

Every Parent's dream is to see their child grow up, find a wonderful person to marry, and have a successful union.  What they might not dream of, is the possible conflict that comes with adding a new family member (from a different family background) to a family with already established rules and expectations.  It is the parent's job to help this new family unit feel supported and loved as they learn to negotiate their relationships between both the families they were raised in.

"Wise parents, whose children have left to start their own families, realize their family role still continues, not in a realm of domination, control, regulation, supervision, or imposition, but in love, concern, and encouragement."(Harper 327)

Past Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Spencer W. Kimball, says there can be trouble in a new marriage if the couple doesn't learn how to "cleave unto" each other instead of their parents.  He gives 3 pieces of Adv…