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The Enemies of Love and Marriage

There is nothing that will kill love faster than pride and power struggles. This blog will discuss how to fight these enemies.

"The natural man is inclined to love himself and fix others. God has asked us to do the opposite. We are to fix ourselves by repenting, and to love others" (Goddard 69)

Dr. Wallace Goddard, the author of Drawing Heaven into Your Marriage, says literature in history teach of the honor and respect that accompany those who live to sacrifice and selflessly serve others. Today's culture has done away with the old code in favor of a belief that it is our right and duty to go after our own interest and take care of our own needs. (Goddard 70) We are a "me centered" society. This doesn't bode well for marriage.

"The natural mind is an enemy to truth. Each one of us sees our own versions of "truth" and imagines that no one in the world sees truth as clearly as we do. This way of thinking is a pernicious enemy. It keeps ea…