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How to Find Joy in Marriage Problems

Every marriage has conflicts.  Most of these are perpetual problems.  That means they will last the duration of our marriage.    These are core beliefs each spouse has that are different from each other, not likely to change.  These differences are not deal breakers.The key to a happy marriage is learning how to cope with them.  According to Dr. Gottman of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, 69% of the conflicts faced in marriage are perpetual. (138) 

"When choosing a long-term will inevitably be choosing a particular set of unsolvable problems that you'll be grappling with for the next ten, twenty, or fifty years." (Gottman 139)

"The most common conflicts couples face are money, sex, housework, kids, and work stress." (Gottman 194)

A person may be asking themselves, "Why even get married (or stay married)?  If there is going to be unsolvable problems, why go through the trouble?"  The answer: Marriage is of God.It is His divine pl…