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Sex as God Intended It

Sex can be a hard subject for couples to talk about.  This could have started when we were young.  Our parents may have treated the subject as taboo. Maybe you werelike me, where you received a book with Birds and Bees on the cover when you turned 12, being told it would answer all your questions.  You may have gotten your parent's non-verbal hint, "don't ask me anything embarrassing, please."  

So, we learned about sex from the Hollywood movies, T.V. shows, and the wrong kind of magazines. Learning about sex is paramount to our marital bliss, but the source of that knowledge is even more important.  


In the 1960 book called, You and Your Marriage, President Hugh B. Brown spoke of the importance of learning about sex:

“Thousands of young people come to the marriage altar almost illiterate insofar as this basic and fundamental function is concerned. The sex instinct is not something which we need to fear or be ashamed of. It is God-given a…